Deployment Troubleshooting

1. Deployment issues



The following error is displayed when attempting to access an end-point (e.g. central-ledger.local) via the Kubernetes Service directly in a browser: ERR_NAME_NOT_RESOLVED


  • Verify that that Mojaloop was deployed by checking that the helm chart(s) was installed by executing:

      helm list

    If the helm charts are not listed, see the Helm Chart Installation section to install a chart.

  • Ensure that all the Mojaloop Pods/Containers have started up correctly and are available through the Kubernetes dashboard.

  • Note that the Mojaloop deployment via Helm can take a few minutes to initially startup depending on the system's available resources and specification. It is recommended that you wait at least 10m for all Pods/Containers to self heal before troubleshooting.

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