Standards for adopting an Open Source contribution into Mojaloop

This document provides guidelines regarding the adoption of a contribution to the Mojaloop Open Source repositories.


  1. The contribution should be in-line with the LevelOne Principles
  2. Basic guidelines regarding status of the contribution (Code-base / Standards / Designs / Specifications)
  3. Basic documentation to get started

Guidelines regarding adoption

  1. Create a private repo on the Mojaloop GitHub organization
  2. Have a sub-team of the DA take a look to make sure its portable (to OSS) - aligns with L1P principles, etc, and ensure design is in line with standards
  3. Check Licensing
  4. Assess Performance impact
  5. Create action items (stories) to update naming, remove/sanitize any items that are not generic
  6. Configuration for 'modes of operation'
  7. Enable CI/CD pipeline


Review the information on versioning for Mojaloop.

Creating new Features

Process for creating new features and branches in Mojaloop.

Pull Request Process

It's a good idea to ask about major changes on Slack. Submit pull requests which include both the change and the reason for the change. Pull requests will be denied if they violate the Level One Principles

Code of conduct

We use a standard developer code of conduct


See License policy

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