Miller Abel
Miller Abel
Deputy Director, Principal Technologist, Bill and Melinda Gates Foundation

Miller Abel is the convener of the Mojaloop initiative (, open source software for interoperable financial services. As deputy director and Principal Technologist within the Financial Services for the Poor strategy at Bill & Melinda Gates Foundation, Miller focuses on applying technology to problems in inclusive finance.

He serves as a board advisor to several FinTech and Internet startup companies in Seattle and the Bay Area.

Prior to joining the Foundation, Miller was VP Product Strategy for Sequent Software, a digital issuance and tokenization service provider for mobile wallets and payment card issuers. At Sequent, he shaped the platform, product, and partner strategy and helped define the company’s tokenization, host card emulation, and secure element digital issuance offerings.

Previously, he managed mobile payment standards for Microsoft, representing Microsoft on the Board of Directors of the NFC Forum, from its 2005 founding, serving on its Architecture Committee, and defining the NFC Forum work program. He co-authored the NDEF Specification to define data interchange between NFC devices.

A technologist with 40 years in the software and services business, Miller has held a variety of technical and executive positions in small and large systems companies, both privately-held and public, including the founding-to-IPO lifecycle. He has over 30 patents issued and pending in a variety of technology areas.

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