Location: Cape Town Western Cape, South Africa

Business Description:

Coil is one of the sponsor members of Mojaloop and has been involved with contributing and collaborating, within the Mojaloop community, on the design and development of the Mojaloop reference model for a payments hub and on the open source software.

Coil supports the Mojaloop mission and contributes towards achieving the goal of enabling financial inclusion for people that are typically excluded from digital financial services through access to Mojaloop open source resources, including software.

In addition to active Mojaloop community participation, Coil currently focuses on web monetisation, using the Interledger Protocol to enable secure, fast and low-cost streaming of small payments from web browsers to websites. Coil is working to provide better ways to access and reward creators, publishers and platforms that create content on the internet without relying on advertising, site-by-site subscriptions or internet browser tracking.

Business Skills:

Payments industry and payments system subject matter expertise, project management, business analysis.

Business Categories: Consultants, System Integrators (SI)