John “JJ” Geewax
Software Engineer, Google

JJ is a software engineer at Google, responsible for API design and open source systems for government digitization. He and his team focus on making sure that all countries have access to safe, stable, and scalable technology needed to make the transition to the modern digital world. Most of his 10 years at Google were focused on the development of​ ​Google Cloud Platform, focusing on storage systems, developer experience, client libraries, and API design. As a part of that goal, he created as a source of authority for API design decisions and patterns. Prior to Google, JJ was the Vice President of Engineering at Invite Media, which was acquired by Google in 2010.  JJ is also the author of ​Google Cloud Platform in Action​ (Manning, 2018) and currently on his way to completing another book, ​API Design Patterns, ​scheduled to come out in Summer 2020.

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