Voting in the 2022 Mojaloop Community Governance Elections is now closed, and we’re excited to share the results. Elections were held for the Community Council, which is the representative governing body of the Mojaloop community, the Design Authority, which guides the technical implementation of the Mojaloop Open Source Codebase, and the Change Control Board (CCB), which governs changes and maintains the Mojaloop family of APIs.

First up, the Community Council is responsible for the development and implementation of strategic targets for the community and the resolution of potential conflicts. Members of the Community Council serve one-year terms and can be re-elected once. The newly elected representatives are:

  1. Min Tha Gyaw, Chief Strategy Officer, ThitsaWorks
  2. Warren Carew, Managing Director, INFITX
  3. Jane Stroucken, Program Manager, INFITX
  4. Barrie Venter, Product Manager, Sybrin
  5. Johan Foley, Team Lead, Sybrin
  6. André Vermaak, Product Owner, Payments, Sybrin
  7. Sridevi Miriyala, QA Lead, INFITX
  8. Innocent Kawooya, Chief Executive Officer, HiPipo
  9. Ed Cable, President/CEO, The Mifos Initiative

Moving on, the Design Authority provides technical oversight for the Mojaloop community, thought leadership on technical issues and assistance resolving technical disputes and reviewing technological/stack proposals, among other things. Members of the Design Authority serve for one year. The newly elected representatives are:

  1. Aung Thaw Aye, Deputy Chief Technology Officer, ThitsaWorks
  2. Miguel de Barros, Principal Architect, INFITX
  3. Tom Daly, Technical Due Diligence Practitioner, Crosslake Technologies
  4. Michael Richards, Finance Services Principal, INFITX
  5. Johan Foley, Team Lead, Sybrin

Finally, the Change Control Board drives wider adoption of the Mojaloop Specification. The group is tasked with improving clarity and promoting uniformity of implementations, balancing existing implementations and changes and driving down implementation and maintenance costs. The CCB is also responsible for safeguarding the Mojaloop family of API specifications so that it upholds the Level One Principles. This year’s officials, both re-elected from last year, are:

  1. Rapporteur – Michael Richards, Finance Services Principal, INFITX
  2. Convener – Samuel Kummary, Program Lead, INFITX

The Mojaloop Foundation would like to send a big thank you to all departing representatives for your service over the last year as well as extend a warm welcome to the newly elected officials. We look forward to seeing all you achieve in the year to come. Outgoing representatives will be transferring responsibilities during the week of November 21st, and all new representatives will commence their 2023 term starting Monday, December 5th.

To learn more about the qualifications for each position above, as well as the nomination and election process, check out our recent post.

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