Open Source Software Empowering Organizations to Create Interoperable Digital Payment Systems to Increase Financial Inclusion

What is Mojaloop?

Mojaloop was designed to provide a reference model for payment interoperability, that can be used to overcome barriers that have slowed the spread of digital financial services. Whole, adapted, or as a blueprint – the Mojaloop Foundation’s open source software can be used by organizations to build interoperable, digital payment systems that enable seamless, affordable financial services between individual users, banks, government entities, merchants, mobile network operators, providers, and technology companies – connecting the underserved with the emerging digital economy.

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How Mojaloop Could Be Used

  • A central bank may commission the use of the software by its commercial partners to speed up the deployment of a national payments gateway
  • A major payments processor can use the software to modernize its current offering to achieve lower transaction costs without major R&D investments
  • A fintech startup can use the code to understand how to implement with interoperable payments APIs
  • A bank can use the code to modify its internal systems so that they easily interoperate with other payments providers

Mojaloop Foundation initial Sponsor Members

Mojaloop Foundation is a 501(c)(3) charitable nonprofit organization, maintaining its free, open source software, Mojaloop, and community as public goods in service of financial inclusion. Merchants, banks, providers, government offices, and other entities looking to build inclusive payments platforms can use Mojaloop—whole, adapted, or as a commercially viable real-time payments reference model. Membership is open to mission-driven, non-governmental and technology entities focused on advancing financial inclusion.

Bill & Melinda Gates Foundation
Omidyar Network
The Rockefeller Foundation
Code & Documentation

Code & Documentation


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