Learn about Mojaloop for:

Payment Solutions Companies

With Mojaloop, you can serve the specific needs of central banks, hub operators, financial institutions and other clients. You will directly benefit from collaborating with the community and contribute to building and maintaining payments infrastructure. You won’t be locked into relationships with proprietary vendors or bound by their business models and development priorities.

Want to learn more about contributing to Mojaloop? Contact Simeon Oriko at soriko@mojaloop.io.

Hub Operators

You have a mission to serve the financial sector and regulators with low-value, high-volume transactions at a price point accessible to everyone. But this can come with high costs and frequent iterations that you can’t control due to vendor lock-in. Mojaloop lets you connect to all financial institutions, including mobile money and microfinance, at the lowest possible cost. In fact, it was built to minimize operational costs for small retail payments.

If you’re a hub operator and want to learn more about the unique ways Mojaloop can help you succeed, contact Steve Haley at shaley@mojaloop.io.

Central Banks

You have a mandate to provide all citizens in your payment systems with affordable, high-volume, low-value transactions with the institutions that serve them. Built for developing economies, Mojaloop gives you a clearing and settlement system for interoperable instant payments that connect and serve all categories of financial institutions equally.

For more information about why Mojaloop is the right solution for the hub operator you choose to work with, contact Steve Haley at shaley@mojaloop.io.

Financial Institutions

Being part of a modern interoperable ecosystem is the future for your business. By advocating for hub operators and central banks to adopt the Mojaloop model, you’ll minimize both your initial and ongoing costs of participating in the emerging digital economy. You’ll also have the means to shape it, ensuring that your customers are always part of the newest advancements in instant payments.

To learn about how you can help accelerate Mojaloop adoption in your market, contact Tullo Ndunda at tndunda@mojaloop.io.

Development Banks and Donors

Interoperability is essential to large-scale financial inclusion. Mojaloop is an open source clearing and settlement system that connects all categories of financial institutions equally. Marginalized and underserved groups, particularly women, can choose which financial institution they use for transactions ranging from receiving government payments to making a loan repayment, from buying groceries to sending money to family members and more. Without Mojaloop, you’ll struggle to connect systems in which one or a handful of financial institutions offer a narrow range of services to a small number of beneficiaries.

For more information on how Mojaloop gives you the infrastructure for inclusivity at any scale, contact Steve Haley at shaley@mojaloop.io.