At the beginning of this Program Increment (PI-11), we set an objective to restructure our Community Governance Committees under the Leadership & Community Management Workstream in a bid to build a strong and diverse Mojaloop community.

The Community Leadership Committee (CLC) has developed and approved the following draft proposals:

We invite you to review these proposals, share feedback, and propose any changes or amendments through Discourse, our community forum. The deadline for this community-wide consultation is Friday, October 9, 2020.

I’d like to thank the members of the Community Leadership Committee who have diligently worked to achieve this milestone: Sam Kummary, Godfrey Kutumela, Jonas David, Masego Mbaakanyi, Miguel de Barros, Graham Pampel, Lewis Daly, Rajiv Mothilal, Bryan Schneider, Donovan Changfoot, Nico Duvenage, Michael Richards, Steve Haley, and Megan Cannon.