October 16, 2023 - October 19, 2023


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Now in its 9th year, FIW is a forum for exchanging ideas, research, and perspectives from around the world. The Center for Financial Inclusion (CFI) convenes FIW each year and invites partner organizations to showcase work, share ideas on what’s ahead and engage with the community.

Panel: The Role of Digital Sovereignty in Inclusive Finance

There is an imperative need for open, instant payment systems that connect entire populations, especially 1.4 billion financially excluded citizens in the digital economy. However, concerns about digital sovereignty and the risk of digital and data colonialism have emerged in African emerging economies. These nations recognize the importance of retaining control over their technology, data, and hardware infrastructure to protect individuals’ data and foster competitiveness. For smaller African countries, achieving inclusive instant payment systems, like those successfully implemented in larger countries such as India, remain a significant challenge.

Attendees will learn:

  • The critical role that data sovereignty plays in fostering the growth of inclusive digital ecosystems 
  • Specific obstacles encountered by these nations as they seek to assert control over their data and utilize it to drive their economic development.
  • Collaborative approaches, technological solutions, and open-source frameworks to accelerate inclusive digital financial services in African emerging economies.


  • Paula Hunter, Executive Director, Mojaloop Foundation
  • Liv Marte Nordhaug, Co-Lead, Digital Public Goods Alliance (DPGA)
  • Akinwale Goodluck, Deputy Chief Executive Officer, AfricaNenda
  • Sharon Umunyana, Technical Project Manager, Rwanda Information Society (RISA)
  • Moderator: Steve Haley, Director of Market Development and Partnerships, Mojaloop Foundation