May 16, 2024

11:00 am -

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Open source software has been around for decades, has enjoyed wide adoption, and has delivered immeasurable value as a development tool across industries. However, despite its proven track record, certain industries and regions remain hesitant when it comes to utilizing these tools.

Join us on May 16th at 11:00 UTC for a discussion around open source software benefits, security and community. This is the first in our series of Mojaloop Foundation webinars addressing a range of areas critical to advancing financial inclusion. The discussion will cover:

  • The advantages and benefits of using open source tools in instant and inclusive payment systems (IIPS)
  • The importance of having a robust open source community
  • Security considerations in an open source instant and inclusive payment systems (IIPS)

During the webinar, you’ll hear from the following community insiders:

  • Simeon Oriko, Director of Community at the Mojaloop Foundation (Moderator)
  • Elijah Okello, CTO of Alfajiri • Jane Stroucken, Sr. Program Manager at INFITX
  • Sridevi Miriyala, Quality Assurance Lead at INFIT