We’re proud to say that the Mojaloop Online PI-13 OSS Community Meeting was a great success. Community members from around the world came together for a week of digital updates, education sessions, networking and more, all centered around the event theme, One Loop for All: Mojaloop in Motion. We’re so thankful to all who played a role in making this virtual event possible, as well as those who took the time to log-on and join us.

Last week, we shared highlights from the event’s many insightful business-led sessions presented on days one and two. Today, we’re diving into some of the technology-led sessions we heard in the final three days of the event. If you missed any sessions from the week or simply want to watch them again, the complete agenda with session recordings can be found here and on our YouTube channel.

Read on for some of our great tech session highlights, and be sure to follow us on Twitter, LinkedIn, and Facebook to keep up to date with the Foundation’s work.

Mojaloop – Technology-Led Session Highlights
Fraud PoC Report

First up on day three, we heard from Justus Ortlepp, Product Owner at LexTego and Mojaloop Foundation Contributor Greg McCormick, Director at Sybrin. The team presented a Proof of Concept for the implementation of a Fraud Risk Management solution based exclusively on Open Source Software components. The session covered how the APRICOT model was used to validate the framework and included a demo of the solution to evaluate incoming transfers against implemented typologies. Watch the session and demo here.

PISP Third Party payment initiation in Mojaloop

In this session, Lewis Daly, Senior Practitioner at Crosslake, provided an update on the PISP work done during this Program Increment and shared an overview of the workstream, which can be found here. He also looked at some critical questions, such as transaction call back, and determined that the digital financial services provider (DFSP) will be responsible. Catch the complete session here.

Building an Entire Digital Financial Services Ecosystem in Open Source

On day four, we had another great session from Mifos CEO Edward Cable and Istvan Molnar of DPC Consulting. The team provided updates on Mifos’s compatible component that connects to a Mojaloop Hub: Payment Hub EE. Edward discussed the importance of Mifos’s work and its future collaboration with Mojaloop, and Istvan demonstrated the Payment Hub as an Open Source asset for the community. Watch the full session for more.

Design Principles of the Mojaloop Platform

Rounding out day four highlights, we heard from Michael Richards and James Bush, both Principal Architects at ModusBox, in a session that looked at how the Mojaloop community can make it easier for the technical community to contribute to Mojaloop as quickly and productively as possible. The presentation also reiterated some of the groups that support this effort that were discussed earlier in the week, including the Design Authority (DA), the Change Control Board (CCB) and the Technical Government Board (TGB). Learn more here.

Roadmap, Breakouts and Closing Session

On day five, the meeting wrapped up with a Theme and Roadmap presentation that looked at Mojaloop Foundation plans for 2021 and where we want to go as an organization, followed by some lively breakout groups and a closing session, which can be viewed here.

And that’s a wrap on the January Mojaloop Online Community Meeting! We hope you’ll join us next time for more great Foundation updates and technology and business insights from the Mojaloop Community and beyond.

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Paula Hunter, Executive Director, Mojaloop Foundation

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