The Mojaloop Foundation recently concluded its PI-17 OSS Community Meeting, the first community gathering of 2022. The online convening focused on technical sessions and brought together community leaders from around the world to discuss a range of exciting updates and plans. We’ve often found that the first quarter of the year is the most exciting, as we embark on planning and kicking off new activities. That theory was supported by the updates received during this three-day session, which provided a glimpse into everything the community has been working on and has in store for 2022.

The event began with some thoughts on the Mojaloop Foundation’s focus and priorities for 2022 from Executive Director Paula Hunter. She touched on three overarching goals for the year:

  1. Increasing Adoption of Mojaloop Technology. This was a focus last year as well and it continues to be of the utmost importance. This is key to achieving our mission of addressing financial inclusion and is rationale for future investment in the Foundation.
  2. Identify Grants and Additional Funding for Deployments and Projects. This program will focus on securing and administering grants to raise the funds necessary to compensate companies selling solutions into the marketplace.
  3. Expanding Membership and Community Engagement. This will allow us to increase contributions to development efforts and reduce dependency on funded development. Expanding membership is also crucial to enhance credibility and help underwrite operational expenses.

The meeting introductions were followed by a range of sessions across several key themes, including supporting workstreams, core clearing systems, Mojaloop ecosystem updates and beyond. This community meeting also featured competitive trivia for the first time, which added a fun interactive element.

It was great to hear from all our presenters on the progress of their initiatives, and it’s clear that we’re in for an exciting year. For a taste of what’s to come, we’ve included highlights from a few sessions below. To view recordings from all the meeting’s sessions, check out the PI-17 playlist on our YouTube channel.

Business Operations Framework

Paul Baker of Modusbox, who has been heading up the BizOps framework workstream, presented a session on the workstream’s progress toward the goals set out in PI-16, many of which have been achieved. These included finishing Financial Portal Version Three, which Paul demoed, and enforcing a segregation of duties security policy that allows the team to enforce an RBAC policy, which he discussed in detail. Paul also spoke to the goal of deploying BizOps framework along with the current OSS IaC and provided another demo for that. While they haven’t quite made production, they have the workstream in the UAT environment with WynePay, which is great progress. Get the full update here.

3PPI Enablement

PISP teams Lewis Daly of Crosslake Technologies, Sam Kummary of ModusBox and Chetan Manjeshwar from Google, gave an update on the Mojaloop 3PPI workstream from the last three months. They discussed their progress against the goals set in PI-16, updated on items in progress and shared a roadmap. The session began with a high-level status of where things stand with the project. The 3PPI API v1.0 has been published and validated with implementation, the 3PPI services initial implementation has been completed with end-to-end tests conducted and 3PPI services were integrated upstream with the main Mojaloop releases. The production and profile for 3PPI services and design for Google standard payments (GSP) adapters are still in progress and remain a focus in the coming months. For more details on progress and the future roadmap of the project, check out the full talk.

TigerBeetle Integration

In this session, we heard from Jason Bruwer and Matseliso Thabane of Coil. They shared an update on the TigerBeetle integration that is underway, starting with a recap of the project and its mission. TigerBeetle is a distributed financial accounting database build on three pillars: safety, performance and experience. The project’s mission is to make it easier to build and operate the next generation of financial services systems. The team also shared details on the project’s timeline, the work to integrate it into the Mojaloop central ledger, testing, initial findings and project next steps. For details on all these items, watch the full talk here.

Product Council Update

We also heard from Paul Makin, who has taken on a new position focused on product management for the Mojaloop Foundation. He went over the role of the Product Council, which is to provide an interface between the community and the design authority and change control board. The Council works to gather the operator business needs and translate them into Mojaloop technical development programs or components, which are then presented for acceptance by the design authority. Paul provided an update on the Product Council’s overall approach for 2022, discussed the constraints on how the council operates and provided some insight on how the Council will work in the coming year, including establishing a “sub-committee” of workstream leads. For more on the Product Council’s plans, listen to the full update.

We hope you were able to join us for our PI-17 Community Meeting and hear some of these exciting updates firsthand. If not, please do check out the sessions on our YouTube channel. It was great to hear from all the valuable community participants, and we look forward to an exciting year of progress.

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