If you’ve been around the Mojaloop community for a while, you’re likely aware of the robust educational offerings we have available for those learning about the technology and getting started on implementations. Our Adoption Toolkit, Demos and Videos offer an array of content that can help answer questions and launch projects. And our Training Program – the crown jewel of our educational content library – provides a series of fundamental Mojaloop courses to help you get started with the technology. The training program is designed to accelerate your understanding of Mojaloop and encourage informed advocacy to help advance Mojaloop adoption and drive financial inclusion.

Launched in January, 2021, the Mojaloop Training program has already seen 807 users from 391 different organizations and 86 countries, with numbers continuing to grow. We’re excited to share that we have introduced three new courses so far this year: DFSP 209 – DFSP Operations, Hub 209 – Hub Operations, and TTK 101 – Testing Toolkit 101. The Training Program now boasts a total of 10 educational courses that are available and ready for viewing. See below for more detail on each course and what it has to offer.

And we’re not done yet. Development continues! We plan to bring new modules to fruition later this year, specifically a course that looks at 3PPI/PISPs and an executive series focused on the Mojaloop business user. We are excited to add to our curriculum and provide even more resources for those looking to work with Mojaloop. But, we need your help to make this happen. We are always looking for contributors to the Training Program to help us ensure content is accurate and current, incorporate feedback from course participants and develop new ideas for courses to advance the program further. The Mojaloop Training Program is truly a team effort, and we rely on input from our community of experts around the world to help us deliver valuable content. If you’re interested in participating in the review or development of Training Program courses, please reach out to training@mojaloop.io.

Let’s take a quick look at our current course selection.

The MOJA Modules are the most popular courses in the toolkit, offering:

  • MOJA 101: Mojaloop Introduction – A basic introduction to the Training Program, an understanding of Mojaloop and why it was developed.
  • MOJA 102: Mojaloop API – Covers the fundamental aspects of the DFSP interoperability API, exploring some history and examples.
  • MOJA 103: Mojaloop Technical Overview – Offers a deeper understanding of how Mojaloop works from a technical perspective, focusing on the open-source side.
  • MOJA 104: Mojaloop Security – Looks at the issue of security by investigating how the Mojaloop hub works at a high level, how Mojaloop secures its payment transactions and why this is important.
  • SCHEME 101: Scheme Overview – Provides a non-technical look at Mojaloop schemes, exploring their anatomy and structure and sharing details about the business case for setting up and operating schemes, as well as how to get started

The DFSP (digital financial service providers) modules build on the MOJA modules and are designed with business and project owners in mind. They include:

  • DFSP 101: DFSP Overview – Explores why a DFSP should use Mojaloop, how Mojaloop conducts transactions and the different product, operational and technical considerations. This course also shares use cases for which the system can be leveraged.
  • DFSP 209: DFSP Operations – NEW this year, this course provides practical steps for performing TechOps support functions and highlights the support processes and TechOps business needs around which they are built and explored. The course was created for those working with DFSPs or those advocating for DFSPs to join a Mojaloop system

The Hub modules include semi-technical courses and were designed with hub operators in mind. They include:

  • HUB 101: Hub Overview – looks at the functional architecture of Mojaloop to provide a deeper understanding of the interplay between the scheme, the hub and the platform. The course explains how to set up and operate a hub as well as how to scale a hub according to customer or DFSP requirements.
  • HUB 209: Hub Operations – NEW this year, this course provides an overview of Mojaloop tools, processes and operations for a hub operator, beginning with an overview of the hub operator and support operations. The course also covers the management processes for incidents, changes, configurations and beyond and delivers a detailed look at operational tooling and monitoring.

Lastly, our final new addition this year is the Mojaloop Testing Toolkit (TTK) module, which was designed for those involved in Quality Assurance at DFSPs participating in a Mojaloop Hub. This includes:

  • TTK 101 – NEW this year, this course delivers a focused review of the Mojaloop TTK and its usage, its installation and setup and the basic features of the toolkit’s user interface. Participants will become familiar with the capabilities and functionalities of the toolkit in a variety of scenarios, including both basic and advanced use cases.

Clearly, there’s no shortage of content to help you get going with your Mojaloop implementations, no matter how you’re interacting with the technology or ecosystem. Thank you to all who have helped us grow the Training Program into the robust offering it is today – your efforts have helped many users launch and advance projects that address the challenge of financial inclusion.

If you’re looking to launch a project with Mojaloop, visit our Mojaloop Training Program page to get started. If you’re interested in getting involved in future course development or content reviews, please reach out to training@mojaloop.io.

Learn more about the Mojaloop Foundation’s mission here, and follow us on Twitter, LinkedIn and Facebook for all the latest.