Event: The Linux Foundation Open Source Summit: Designing Open Source Interoperability Payment Models to Advance Financial Inclusion

Speaker: Miller Abel, Mojaloop Foundation

Date: Wednesday September 29, 2021 1:55pm – 2:20pm PDT (Room 20)

About the Session:

To expand financial inclusion and grow the digital economy in developing countries, more work and collaboration are needed to achieve interoperability between different real-time payment system providers. Adding payment interoperability through open source reference models will provide more people with access to financial services, while also creating new forms of customer value that haven’t been thought of before. This session will look at the open source technical challenges and opportunities to drive digital payments innovation further. Attendees will learn about the rails layer within the payment ecosystem ladder – the technology piece that connects everyone in a payment scheme and makes interoperable payment clearing and settlement functions available as open source software.

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