Connect financial providers and customers with an interoperable payments platform

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Mojaloop is open-source software for financial services companies, government regulators, and others taking on the challenges of interoperability and financial inclusion.

Why was it made?

Customers should be able to send digital payments to anyone, regardless of what kind of account or service they use. Mojaloop makes it easier for financial providers to achieve interoperability. Learn more in our README and FAQ.

Who is it for?

Anyone in financial services is invited to explore and use the code. In particular, it enables central banks, market infrastructures, payment processors, and fintech firms to accelerate the creation and deployment of interoperable payment platforms that can scale in serving the poor. It gives existing payment processors and providers a level playing field to connect to. See our FAQ for more.

What's inside

The Central Directory Service routes each payment to the correct service/provider in the ecosystem.

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The Central Ledger Service tracks transactions for compliance and settlement among providers.

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The Fraud Service allows providers to share transaction information to validate and secure payments.

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The Central Rules Service sets policy across the system.

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Where it can help

Person-to-person transfers

Merchant point-of-sale

Payroll and other bulk payments

Multiple accounts and users

Fraud monitoring

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Get started

Mojaloop was designed in collaboration with Ripple, Dwolla, ModusBox, Software Group, and Crosslake Technologies. The Bill & Melinda Gates Foundation provided funding and support through The Level One Project, a vision for digital financial markets based on principles of interoperability, collaboration, and inclusion.

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