In the last Program Increment (PI-11), we restructured our Community Governance Committees in a bid to build a strong and diverse Mojaloop community.

The Community Leadership Committee (CLC) developed and approved restructuring proposals for three committees: Design Authority, Change Control Board, and Community Leadership Committee. These drafts were shared with the community for comment and feedback and subsequently adopted by the Community Leadership Committee.

Following this process, we’re setting in motion an election process to elect new leaders for these committees and reconstitute them. This process is summarized as follows:


Mojaloop Community members are invited to participate in choosing new members of the Design Authority and Community Council. To qualify to participate in this election, you must be an active contributor to the Mojaloop Open Source Software, and/or the Mojaloop ecosystem.

Community Members are invited to register to vote and to nominate or self nominate an individual to serve on either the Design Authority or Community Council.

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Qualifications for Community Council

The Community Council is the representative governing body of the Mojaloop community. Its responsibilities encompass the development and implementation of strategic targets for the community and the resolution of potential conflicts.

Members of the Community Council will serve for one year and can be re-elected once.

To qualify to vie for a seat on the Community Council, you will need to have a good knowledge of the Mojaloop community and ecosystem. You will also need to be an active contributor to Mojaloop’s mission and abide by the Mojaloop Community Code of Conduct.

Qualifications for Design Authority

The Design Authority provides technical oversight for the Mojaloop community. It is tasked with providing thought leadership on technical issues, resolving technical disputes, reviewing technological/stack proposals, and design reviews among other things. It is important to note that this committee does not involve itself in business discussions, products, or roadmap decisions.

Members of the Design Authority will serve for one year and can be re-elected.

To qualify to vie for a seat on the Design Authority, you must have demonstrable knowledge of the Mojaloop codebase and be actively involved in workstreams for at least a year preceding your nomination. You will also need to abide by the Mojaloop Community Code of Conduct.

Change Control Board

Each new initiative which will result in the definition of one or more APIs will define those APIs through a Special Interest Group (SIG). 

The Special Interest Groups will have a formally designated convener who will be selected by the participants of a SIG. These conveners will collectively make up the Change Control Board.

As such, the community will not directly elect members of the Change Control Board.


The timeline below details the dates and milestones in the election and transition process.


Call for Nominations and Registration to Vote: 26 October – 5 November 2020
Voting Period: 9-12 November 2020
Announcement of Election Results: 16 November 2020
Transition Week: 17 November – 25 December 2020

We look forward to your active participation in this process. If you have any questions at all please connect with us on Discourse or contact the Mojaloop Foundation Community Manager, Simeon Oriko at