This event is presented by The Linux Foundation and FINOS

Session: Enabling Financial Inclusion Through Open, Accessible Payment Models | November 12, 12:55 PM – 1:25 PM EST

Digital payments have been driving much of the digital economy growth and financial inclusion in developing countries. However, the payment ecosystem lacks an open, shared financial infrastructure that will allow interoperability between different payment system providers. Open source software can help reduce the cost and complexity of developing interoperable payment models, enabling digital financial services providers to drive more adoption and innovation to merchants and consumers. In light of this, more work and collaboration are needed to drive the adoption of open source payment system approaches that open economies for all.

This session presented by Mojaloop Foundation Chair, Konstantin Peric and Executive Director, Paula Hunter will address:

  • How advances in open source are enabling innovation in real-time interoperable payment systems in ways that advance financial inclusion
  • Ways open source reference models for payments platforms can foster faster adoption of secure digital payments that are open, safe and accessible to the underseved
  • How open source software can lower the cost and complexity of adding interoperability for DFSPs bullding real-time payments systems

This event is $75 USD. Visit the event website to learn more and register.