Here at the Mojaloop Foundation, our mission is to empower organizations creating interoperable payments systems to enable digital financial services for all. It’s an important issue, and it’s critical to note that moving the needle on an issue this large is not something that happens in a silo. Much the opposite, effecting true change in the space and improving the lives of individuals the world over demands significant effort and cooperation from a variety of stakeholders. We are proud to work with a robust ecosystem of digital payment players across geographies to help us advance our mission. To that end, we’re pleased to share our Mojaloop Business Directory, a repository of businesses that understand and demonstrate the ability to deploy and maintain Mojaloop.

The Mojaloop Business Directory will act as a hub to showcase relevant organizations and their capabilities and provide businesses with the enhanced resources and tools they need to serve as the Foundation’s extended service arm, setting up, implementing and scaling Mojaloop integrations locally and on a global scale. Commercial banks, central banks and governments who are looking for systems integration or help with implementation should visit the Mojaloop Business Directory as a first resource for finding the experienced partners they need to help drive success. The organizations in the directory will be organized into the following categories:

  • Consultants: Provides analysis, architecture and advisory support to enable adopters to make the best possible choices.
  • System Integrators (SI): Provides systems integration leadership or support for deployment, implementation, management, extension, and customization, while making use of enterprise-grade communications and workflows.
  • Technical Solution Providers: Enables adopters and testers to get started quickly and easily with test environments, testing toolkits, APIs and pre-integrated solutions.
  • Training Organizations: Provides standard or tailored training and guidance for adopters to build the skills needed for deployments and daily operations.
  • Operations Support / BizOps: Provides expertise and best practice guidance or allocate resource capacity for operational support.

Our vision of universal financial inclusion is a world where everyone, everywhere, can access and use the digital financial services they need to build economic security and resilience. The businesses included in our Mojaloop Business Directory are dedicated to ensuring those who lack access to financial tools can gain the access they need and are brought into the fold of the global digital economy. This is not work that is done alone, but rather something that can only be accomplished through collaboration and cooperation across companies and organizations.

We welcome our newest Mojaloop businesses and look forward to helping them drive growth and create a more inclusive economy. If you’re new to the Mojaloop community, click here to submit your application to be considered for this new directory.

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