All of the work we do here at the Mojaloop Foundation points back to our overarching mission: to increase financial inclusion for the unbanked and underserved the world over.

Education and training are a huge part of making this possible. We work hard to provide a wide array of resources to help our growing community navigate the challenges of the digital payments ecosystem and utilize our open source software to facilitate interoperable payment solutions. From our Community Meetings and our Mojaloop Training Program, to our videos and demos, there are so many ways to advance your knowledge about Mojaloop technology and how it helps enable interoperable payments.

All that said, we know getting started is not always easy. If you’re looking to get a project off the ground, our Mojaloop Foundation Adoption Toolkit is a great place to start, and we’re excited to share five new pieces of content that were recently added to the documents and whitepapers section.

1) Mojaloop Product Overview

This piece answers the key questions of what Mojaloop is, what Mojaloop does and how financial service providers (FSPs) connect to Mojaloop. For those new to the community, this is a great introduction to the technology, its key functionality and how to get started. Get your questions answered here.

2) Advancing Financial Inclusion via Instant Push Payment Interoperability

This overview looks at what the Mojaloop Foundation considers “true financial inclusion,” which is focused on interoperability – enabling connections between all personal accounts, businesses and the government. It explains why Mojaloop is the perfect tool to help drive this interoperability and why instant push payments are the key to true financial inclusion. Access the content here.

3) The Mojaloop Ecosystem

This document explores the different components of the Mojaloop ecosystem and how they work together to help drive financial inclusion. It divides the ecosystem into two main groups – Organization & Management and Software & Systems – and explains the different mechanisms of each to illustrate how the whole system functions as a Mojaloop Hub. Get the full overview here.

4) Mojaloop Transactions, Risk and the Flow of Money

This two-pager looks at how Mojaloop transactions are carried out, how money flows between participating FSPs and what measures are in place to manage risk. It dives into the details of how transactions are addressed and what they actually look like. Learn more about the mechanics of Mojaloop transactions here.

5) Getting Started with Mojaloop

This summary provides an overview of how to get started using Mojaloop, pointing readers to introductory materials, the various training modules that have been developed and the Mojaloop Community itself as key resources. If you’re ready to start using Mojaloop but not sure how to begin, this document is for you.

Looking for more? Additional resources can be found in the Documents and Whitepapers section of the Adoption Toolkit, and be sure to check out our Mojaloop Foundation Starter Kit.

If you have inquiries, need further assistance with any of our Toolkit resources or want to suggest a topic for inclusion, please reach out to Thanks for your interest in supporting our mission and being a part of the community.

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