The Mojaloop Program Increment (PI) 22 community event was a deep dive into technical updates. The event took place from June 27-29 online, and had over 200 registrants from more than 47 countries and 100+ organizations!

Hosted by Community Manager Simeon Oriko, the meeting  was very energized, with plenty of exciting demos in the mix. The agenda included:

  • Updates on workstreams.
  • A product roadmap overview.
  • Introductions to new community members and Mojaloop Foundation staff.
  • Celebration of new community contributions.
  • Planning work for the next Program Increment.

Mojaloop Foundation Executive Director Paula Hunter took a moment during the opening remarks to reflect on how much the organization has grown since we started three years ago. She also mentioned that the Foundation is still hiring a go-to-market team in several countries in Africa, and reviewed the top-level strategic goals for the rest of 2023.

There is a lot of positive energy around Mojaloop right now in the marketplace, and the momentum is growing because the community and our partners are so engaged.

If you weren’t able to attend, you can view the YouTube playlist containing all the meetings. We also have more resources below.

Topics at a Glance

The event began with an overview of the engineering strategy by new Engineering Director James Bush, and then Technical Director Sam Kummmary led us through the release process overview and the general structure of a Mojaloop Platform.

The first day ended with demonstrations by winners of the recently-conducted DFS Lab Bootcamp, who shared a few innovative approaches of using Mojaloop, as well as their learnings and feedback. Day two started off with an overview of the Mojaloop Accelerator Program and support mechanisms for proofs of concept (PoCs).

During the event, we had updates from several work-streams focusing on deployment of Mojaloop and its infrastructure-related aspects (deploying on-prem, update and lifecycle management, mini-loop, fintech-sandbox, and an alternative multi-cloud native deployment tool). It was also great to hear about extensions to Mojaloop that could increase adoption and support new and more much-needed advanced use cases such as cross-border, merchant payments, central bank digital currency (CBDC), cross-border settlement with Interledger, cross border addressing, ISO 20022 messaging, and FX support. In addition, we heard the latest news about Mojaloop core updates and vNext development as well as a demonstration, and the current status about next-gen settlement and Tigerbeetle integration.

Top News and Takeaways

Key updates and takeaways from the sessions included:

  1. Release of Mojaloop v15.1.0 which offers more stability and improvements to v15.0.0 .
  2. Increased focus on on-prem deployment of Mojaloop and support for FX, inter-scheme connectivity in the coming PIs.
  3. Release of an alpha version of Mojaloop vNext for developers, which is a huge milestone in the journey of Mojaloop vNext. This is now available for developers to explore, test, evaluate and extend via mini-loop (vNext-alpha branch).
  4. An overall narrowing down of Mojaloop workstreams to focus on the critical and strategic workstreams instead of diluting activity.

Planning Ahead

On the final day, the community members voted on priorities for the upcoming PI (PI-22) and three topics (out of several) came out as clear priorities:

  1. Foreign-exchange and currency conversion support.
  2. Payment manager adoption.
  3. Performance characterization and profiling of Mojaloop.

These had breakout sessions and the teams reported back with the goals for the upcoming PI. Of course, along with these we have the seven continuing workstreams from the previous PI which will form the complete set for PI-22.

On the last day, Simeon Oriko also announced that we’ll have the next community event (PI-23) in Lusaka, Zambia during the week of October 30-November 3 in person!

Congratulations to all the contributors (including top contributors and new contributors this quarter), who were recognized on the last day as well! See you all in Zambia!

More Resources

If you’d like to watch any of the sessions, you can find them in this YouTube playlist. We also have a variety of resources available to anyone who is considering using Mojaloop in a project: