Here at the Mojaloop Foundation, we’re lucky to work with a talented and driven community that brings a wide range of skills and experience to the table. One key example of how our community has helped elevate our work and drive results is our Training Program, which provides a series of fundamental Mojaloop courses to help users get started with the technology. Our recent blog, “Mojaloop Training Program: What to Know and How to Get Involved,” offered an outline of the program’s curriculum, the intended audience for each course and how the program can help users launch and advance projects that address the challenge of financial inclusion.

The Mojaloop Training Program was spearheaded by community member ModusBox, to ensure the availability of consistent, carefully thought-through and well-constructed training material to assist in spreading knowledge, growing the community and fostering understanding of Mojaloop in as wide a net as possible around the globe. The Mojaloop Foundation now manages the activities and growth of the Training Program and is sourcing contributions from the community to build out new material and, in the future, revise and update existing materials to ensure everything is accurate and current.

Participation Framework

Are you interested in contributing to the Training Program? Participation occurs in a few ways:

  1. Contributing to the writing of new course content
  2. Making time to review new content and provide edits and feedback
  3. Becoming part of the Community Council workstream that reviews new ideas, accepts course content and engages with our partners to develop and finally publish courses
  4. Contributing ideas through the Community Council on how to improve and edit content on existing courses.

The below figure illustrates the Mojaloop Training Program contribution process.

The Mojaloop Training Program is continually looking for additional people to add to the growing body of work that forms our curriculum, and we are keen to hear your ideas and discuss with you how we can improve the content. Please contact to join us and be part of this wonderful community.

Learn more about the Mojaloop Training Program here, and follow us on Twitter, LinkedIn and Facebook to stay up to date.