Performance: Performance stream has been concluding planning for PI-10, and in parallel rolling out PI-9 performance enhancements as part of Helm packaged release v10.1.0 so that the community can benefit from these changes. All the Event and Dashboard (Promfana) related changes, log Optimizations have been merged with master branches and released. Currently working on merging final Caching changes. The Scope for Performance testing, PoC in PI-10 is almost finalized and will be kicked-off soon, most likely starting in mid 10.2

OSS Core team: After confirming the objective on Bulk Transfers, Refactoring for Mojaloop version v1.1 (FSPIOP API) changes, and other Maintenance items, the core team started with merging the accepted changes from the PI9 Performance testing efforts. The team has also started making changes to the mojaloop-simulator (sdk-scheme-adapter) so that it can be used to support Bulk Transfers. The team will continue with implementing Bulk Transfers, along with other Community support items such as bug fixes and deployment support. In the first Sprint, the team also started working on a helm release v10.1.0, which will be published soon.

OSS TIPS team: The team is working on features needed to support Interchange Fees and Continuous Gross Settlement, which will continue through the course of the PI

OSS testing toolkit team: Currently the testing toolkit supports all resources in the Mojaloop FSPIOP API. Recently the team added reporting features and a Command Line (CLI) tool that can be used apart from the User Interface; this will help greatly automated settings such as in automated deployment and validation. Currently, the team is working on coming up with test suites that are specific to FSPs and Hubs (separately). Along with it, more validations are being added and the tool is being made more portable, by making the settings and Rules importable & exportable.

Versioning: defining scope and outputs from a zero-downtime deployment POC

PISP: Designing and Implementing an end-to-end PISP MVP. Currently, we’re nailing down the design of the account linking steps, and implementing the end to end transfer, initiated by a PISP.

Code Security/Quality: The key focus of the work stream to continuously improve reliability, privacy, transparency, and security of Mojaloop Platform in line with best practice industry standards. Our approach is to prescribe the use of certain quality/security practices and techniques delivered as guidelines and in some areas, we have reference technology implementations whereas for other areas we require certain policies or standards to be adhered to and verifiable.