February 10, 2021

PI-13 Workstream and Objectives

by Simeon Oriko

Business Process Workstream Workstream Purpose: Enable folks to use Mojaloop out of the box Provide a visual understanding of Mojaloop (API view) Approach Identify

July 29, 2020

PI 11 Workstream Objectives

by Mojaloop Foundation

The PI-11 Workstream Objectives will not be finalized until Friday, July 31, 2020.  Performance/POC Decide if Event-sourcing benefits are worth it Provide a plan

July 29, 2020

PI-10 Workstream and Objective Wrap-Up

by Mojaloop Foundation

Fraud Risk Management: GitHub / Discourse  Mojaloop Quality & Security Workstream: GitHub Technical Overview: GitHub/ Discourse PI-10 Reporting: Settlement: GitHub  PI-10 Report Out: Discourse

May 13, 2020

PI 10 Workstream Updates

by Mojaloop Foundation

Performance: Performance stream has been concluding planning for PI-10, and in parallel rolling out PI-9 performance enhancements as part of Helm packaged release v10.1.0