PI 10 Workstream Objectives and Contacts

by Mojaloop Foundation on May 12, 2020

Categories: Community Updates

Tags: Community, Workstream

We encourage you to reach out to the workstream leads if you’d like to contribute to a workstream. The community will be focusing on the following objectives:

  • Versioning: Propose Versioning standards for Mojaloop OSS releases focusing on implementation, deployments that include details on OSS support for LTS releases, branching & upgrade strategies. (Lewis Daly  / Slack: # ml-versioning)
  • Code Quality: Protect data in line with compliance standards – PCI DSS, PA DSS and GDPR (Godfrey Kutumela  / Slack: # code_security)
  • Community Strategy: Recruit and operationalize the Community Leadership Committee; finalize, strategic targets for the community strategic direction; draft CLA and Community Code of Conduct. (Simeon Oriko / Slack: # community)
  • Core team: Enhance the ML OSS implementation to support v1.1 changes including other maintenance items, upgrades. (Sam Kummary / Slack # general)
  • Fraud & Risk Management: Define, investigate and validate a backlog and MVP for a FRM system/service against the APRICOT modeling for existing/prospect operators; and identify partners to build/implement a FRM system/service (Justus Ortlepp / Slack # fraud_rules)
  • Payment Initiation Service Providers (PISP): Ability to do an end to end PISP transfer (from demo PISP) and present a well-defined relationship between USER, PISP, and their DFSP (JJ Geewax & Lewis Daly / Slack: # pisp)
  • Bulk Payments: Deliver a standardized bulk transfer service for golden path which includes error and negative scenarios  (Sam Kummary  / Slack # general)
  • Performance Engineering: Deliver productionized Mojaloop deployment using Kafka best-practices; Evaluate Event-Sourcing PoC and Optimize SQL report and enhanced dashboards (Miguel de Barros & Bryan Schneider  / Slack # perf-engineering)
  • Cross Currency/Network: Finalize a design for the Mojaloop to non-Mojaloop flow including API changes and getting buy-in from CNPs and the CCB (Adrian Hope-Bailie / Slack # cross_border)
  • Testing Toolkit: Stand-alone version that can be used with features to export, import rules and settings is made available, with capability for hosting the toolkit. (Sam Kummary  & Michael Richards / Slack # testing-toolkit-dev)
  • Portal for Hub Operators/TechOps: Deliver a highly optimized dashboard which dynamically “bubbles up” events, dynamically changes, allows for rules to detect patterns and automatically suggest or resolve issues. (Nico Duvenage / Slack # devops)
  • OSS Onboarding: Updated documentation and end to end review of the onboarding process (Simeon Oriko / Slack # onboarding)
  • Settlement: A flexible and configurable settlement service. (Michael Richards / Slack # settlement-design)