The PI-11 Workstream Objectives will not be finalized until Friday, July 31, 2020. 


  • Decide if Event-sourcing benefits are worth it
  • Provide a plan to implement this in production, along with required migration and boostrapping tooling
  • Provide a visibility and monitoring tools (or their design)


  • Settlement V2 Complete

ISO 20022

  • POC to investigate what it would take and impact to scheme (cross network & native support)
  • Which standard of ISO 20022 to adopt
  • Heart of Mojaloop whitepaper
  • Do we need to recommend additional messages for discovery and agreement stage (/party /quote) to the ISO 20022 RA (PTPG) ?

Streamline Testing & QA

  • Documentation in the form of sequence diagrams correlate with tests/assertions for the core services
  • Improvements in running regression tests (4 collections run up from 1); Streamline collections (API, Contract, etc)
  • Improve test coverage (include new features) – 1.5k to 3k tests

Portals for Onboarding

  • Functional PoC to demo Technology Framework
  • Approved Guidance on how to add config specific pages
  • Approved Guidance on security and Auditing


  • End to end transfers flow at the switch
  • Account linking flow at switch
  • Scheme Adapter + Mojaloop Simulator implementation for E2E Transfers
  • Working MojaPay PISP Demo App** (thanks to interns)
  • Fully implemented Auth service

Fraud Management

  • To drive the delivery of a fraud risk management solution to complement a Mojaloop platform implementation

Extend Bulk Transfer

  • Design a PoC for advanced Bulk Payment Use Cases such as Bulk Lookup, Bulk Quote & Transfers for multiple Payee FSPs and present to the CCB

Leadership & Community Management

  • Restructure community governance committees: Community Leadership Comittee (CLC), Design Authority (DA), Change Control Board (CCB)
  • Develop a new community membership mode
  • Review effectiveness of existing community workflows and revise where needed
  • Engage entrepreneurs and Fintech companies to identify their needs and develop measures to respond to them


  • Deploy and test new Dev Hub