Last month we held the PI-14 OSS Mojaloop Online Community Meeting, a completely virtual three-day event focusing entirely on technical sessions. We’re proud to say it was a great success, bringing together community members worldwide for a deep dive into the technical details of open source, interoperable digital payments.

If you missed any sessions, or if you simply want to watch them again, check out the recordings on our YouTube channel.

The event kicked off on day one with an opening welcome session followed by a half day of discussions covering everything from the Mojaloop Training Program, to feedback from existing adopters, to collaborative work in PI-13 workstreams, to use of developer tools like the GSMA test platform. It was a lively and informative first day, with key session highlights including:

GSMA Interoperability Test Platform

In this session, we heard from Christopher Little and Anant Nautiyal of GSMA as well as Zana Ouattara, a service manager from Mowali. Zana explored the servicing challenges historically faced by Mowali and reviewed the ways the GSMA Interoperability Test Platform has been used to solve them, as well as solve broader testing and observability problems. Check out the full webinar here.

Training and Onboarding – Conversations About the Experience in a Real Implementation

Later that day, we had a session covering the use of the training program in the field and how the payment manager supports swift production-grade onboarding for DFSPs. Led by a team from ModusBox, Hana Microfinance, ThitsaWorks, DataVision International Limited and TRA SACCOS LTD, the discussion shared experiences in training and onboarding in Myanmar and Tanzania, highlighting examples and lessons learned from real-world implementations. Watch the full discussion here.

The feedback sessions from day one supported our planned next steps, which was the focus of days two and three. On these days, sessions covered key strategic workstreams that proposed important next objectives and the business drivers behind those decisions. Adopter requests for detailed design work were also discussed, which are tactically important to help drive traction and growth in 2021. Key session highlights include:

Mojaloop Reference Architecture and TigerBeetle

In this session, we heard from representatives from Mojaloop, Coil, ModusBox, LexTego, Crosslake Tech and the Bill & Melinda Gates Foundation. It was an especially exciting discussion featuring great cross-team collaboration. The session kicked off by explaining what a Reference Architecture is and why it’s necessary, then shared the process the team went through to identify the problem, the future solution structure and the proposed technical architecture principles. They went on to share some examples of the business benefits, including facilitating added functionality without risk, reducing dependency on specific instrument components and promoting a Mojaloop Marketplace where anyone can contribute. Finally, the team proposed a three-phase approach spread over the next two PIS to deliver the v2 platform. Catch the whole talk here, and stay tuned for more!

ISO 20022 and Mojaloop

Later in the day, we enjoyed a session led by Adrian Hope-Bailie of Coil and Michael Richards of ModusBox looking at ISO20022 and Mojaloop. ISO20022 has long been a part of the conversation, and it’s time to define a strategy, choose a direction of travel and act, which includes ensuring new market requirements are considered in the mix as well as learning from the ISO20022 hackathon. As part of this session, the presenters set out key goals for this PI, including a detailed plan for PISP implementation using ISO messages, implementation of an ISO version of Mojaloop using Payments Manager and others. View the full session here.
On day three, we kicked off with a rapid-fire overview of each of the workstreams and proposals on what is needed to move forward. We also held breakout sessions to discuss our top issues:

  • PISP – led by Lewis Daly of Crosslake Tech
  • Native ISO20022, FX – led by Michael Richards of ModusBox
  • Business Operations Framework – led by Warren Carew of ModusBox
  • Reference Architecture Discussion – led by Pedro Barreto of Crosslake Tech

All told, it was a busy and informative three days chock full of updates, education and community building. Product council will continue the great conversations we had throughout the week, with updates to come in the next community meeting in July 2021.

We hope you found this technical community meeting recap helpful. Please join us for a two-day conference in the fall focused entirely on business-related topics – details to come later this year.

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