The Mojaloop Foundation recently wrapped up its PI-19 Mojaloop Online Community Meeting, a three-day event that focused entirely on the technical aspects of Mojaloop. The meeting brought together digital payments experts from all over the world and featured a wide array of informative and engaging sessions. All the talks are now available on our YouTube channel in our PI-19 playlist, and we’ve pulled out a few key highlights to share below.

Mojaloop Releases and Core Updates

Sam Kummary of ModusBox kicked things off for us on day two with a presentation on core maintenance and release updates. He began by outlining the contribution team’s goals and updating on progress. With the publication of Mojaloop v14 comes an upgrade to nodeJS to version 16 LTS for core services, as well as Ubuntu version upgrades (to 20.04LTS), supporting dependencies upgrades and configuration standardization for all core services. Sam also discussed TTK updates and outlined some core roadmap priorities for the future. Check out his full talk here.

Mojaloop 3PPI Enablement

Following that, we moved into a presentation on Mojaloop 3PPI status, also presented by Sam Kummary as well as JJ Geewax of Google and Michael Richards of ModusBox. Sam kicked off with a third-party feature status update and timeline. He noted that the standard version of 3PPI API v1.0 has been published and is ready for adoption. Tests are being run regularly and enhancements are in review. Sam also noted that documentation and sequence diagrams were updated to reflect implementation. Later in the conversation, Michal and JJ led discussions on upcoming third-party features in design and preview. They discussed the ways forward for the PISP Interface, starting with where we are now with the current implementation and then moving into the direction for the future. Learn more here.

Mojaloop Stability

Later that day, Mojaloop Foundation’s Paul Makin took the stage to provide an update on Mojaloop stability. Paul shared the great news that stability has vastly improved over the last few years and the technology is now considered stable and reliable – big kudos to the core and infra teams. The major areas of development have been in Mini-Loop, aimed at induction/devs/functional testers, and IaC, for full deployments. That said, challenges still exist and the team is continuing to refine at both the core itself and in the underlying infrastructure. As the technology continues to mature, it’s critical that we consider the dependencies on external OSS and other projects, as well as agree on which environments will be supported. Check out Paul’s presentation slides here (Begins at 8:05).

Mojaloop Infrastructure Update

Wrapping up our highlights, we have a Mojaloop Infrastructure update from Tom Daly of Crosslake Technologies and David Fry of ModusBox. Tom opened up with a brief discussion of the infrastructure workstream that was announced in Arusha in April, providing a status update on work that has taken place since that meeting as well as next steps. Two parts of the workstream are in place today, one with MiniLoop for deploying Mojaloop in demo mode and one with IaC in production, both of which were covered. Tom also noted some challenges with falling behind in Kubernetes release schedules as well as some issues that have made it hard for non-experts to effectively interact with Mojaloop – these are being addressed. Following that, David provided an IaC update, starting with a refresher from the last PI, and reviewed the work that has been done to modify the IaC terraform setup to more easily support pluggable cloud providers and/or managed Kubernetes service providers. Get all the details here.

Of course, this was just a small sample of the many sessions presented during the three-day meeting. If you’re looking for more, be sure to review all the presentations on our YouTube channel. Whether you joined us live or are catching up now, we hope you found all these sessions helpful, no matter where you are on your Mojaloop journey.

With PI-19 now in the books, we’re looking forward to the next event! Be sure to mark your calendars for our PI-20 OSS Community Meeting, taking place in Zanzibar, Tanzania, October 25-28, 2022. We look forward to getting the community together in person, but we are also pleased to offer virtual participation options for those who cannot attend physically. Registration will open soon, and we encourage you to check out our events page for more.

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