Join Mojaloop Foundation Chair, Kosta Peric, and  Executive Director, Paula Hunter for their keynote presentation during Seamless Africa 2020 titled “The inclusive digital economy: tackling financial inequality and harnessing digital transformation to empower the underserved.” This presentation will be held on September 8, 2020. 

Keynote Description:

Digital payments have been driving much of the digital economy growth and financial inclusion in developing countries. However, the payment ecosystem remains lacking a shared financial infrastructure that will allow interoperability between different payment system providers and drive more adoption and innovation to merchants and consumers. In light of this, more work and collaboration needed to achieve the intended vision. The Mojaloop Foundation will discuss ways to advance financial inclusion through inclusive payment models.    

To learn more about this presentation and or the event, please visit the Seamless Africa 2020 website.  

About The Event:

The first every Virtual event in East Africa for the financial ecosystem.

The payments, banking and financial services sectors are undergoing an unprecedented period of disruption and change. In an ever-evolving reality, collaboration is the key to survival. Seamless brings together the entire financial ecosystem to discuss, debate and evaluate the future of commerce – virtually.