Join Mojaloop Foundation Director Adama Bari Diallo and Chairman Kosta Peric to speak on an e-payments panel focused on advancing financial inclusion at Digital Week 2020 titled “Building Indonesia’s Digital Economy Through Dialogue between Government and Private Sector.”

Panel Description

Digital payments have been driving much of the digital economy growth and financial inclusion in Indonesia. However, the payment ecosystem remains lacking a shared financial infrastructure that will allow interoperability between different payment system providers and drive more adoption and innovation to merchants and consumers. In light of this, Bank Indonesia has developed the Indonesia Payment System Blueprint 2025 and a standardization of QR codes for e-payments. More work and collaboration needs to be done to achieve the intended vision. The session will discuss the challenges and opportunities to further drive digital payments innovation in Indonesia.

About Digital Week 2020

Digital economy helps Indonesia’s economic growth. During 2015 – 2019, the internet-based economy reached USD 40 billion or growing 4x fold. During the pandemic, almost all sectors experienced digitalization. However, on the other hand there is still plenty of room in the digital economy that needs to be further developed to be safer for users and comfortable for business people.

For this reason, we are holding a digital economy conference which will be held in four days. This event aims to provide space for Indonesian digital economy actors from the government, private sector and the community to jointly discuss formulating appropriate policies for the better future of Indonesia’s digital economy.