The Mojaloop Foundation brings together the philanthropic and technology leaders needed to share best practices and ideas for developing innovative financial inclusion solutions that can be implemented in vital regions across the world. By embracing an open source approach, the Foundation’s open source software, Mojaloop, is a public good that is available to any nation or any company within the digital financial service provider ecosystem to help open markets and accelerate progress.

Mojaloop’s open source approach helps the community more rapidly advance financial inclusion because it is publicly accessible for anyone to view, modify and share. Open source software, such as Apache Web Server and Linux, have long served as foundations for the underlying technologies that power the Internet and cloud computing. Today, open source software is used throughout the financial services industry with a great deal of success.

Designed by a team of leading tech and fintech companies, Mojaloop is available as an open source project that is free to be used and adapted by anyone under the  Apache 2.0 license. The Mojaloop community of over 600 participants maintains the project, while the Mojaloop Foundation’s Technical Governing Board oversees the technical direction.

As open source software, Mojaloop lowers upfront costs for designing interoperable payment models as there is no purchase price or mandatory expenses associated with maintenance or use. It is also easy for a user to test and experiment with the tools before committing to adopting it entirely.

Other advantages of Mojaloop open source software include:

By serving as a reference model for creating interoperable payments platforms, Mojaloop’s open source blueprint will help remove some of the barriers—including time, money, and technical complexity—that have hindered payment models from meeting the digital financial needs of the world’s 1.7 billion unbanked people. 



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Mojaloop is reliant on its community of supporters, contributors, evangelists, developers, and others to make our work possible and help achieve the Foundation’s mission of providing universal financial inclusion to all. Learn more about how you can get involved in the community and make an impact.  

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Paula Hunter, Executive Director, Mojaloop Foundation

Paula Hunter manages the day-to-day affairs of the Mojaloop Foundation with responsibility for strategic planning and direction, membership development, budgeting, evangelism for the Foundation and its mission, and outreach to strategic partners. 

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